The Team

The Team – Rochester

We provide our staff with the know-how, tools, and resources to help them achieve the highest productivity in the industry. For you, this means the lower total cost of service. For our people, it means to pay and career growth leading to potential business owners.

While other companies grow by pouring money into sales and marketing, we decided a long time ago to invest our money in the training and education of our staff and equipping them with the best tools. We strive to hire the very best people. To be the best, our staff receives vast amounts of training and education including certification from independent bodies such as the IICRC. We attract good people because we are committed to their professional growth.

Our goal was never to be the biggest or the best-known cleaning company, we just wanted to be the best service contractor for our clients. Our organization doesn’t need to lug layers of management nor do we pay franchise fees.

Instead, we try to keep things simple. Our clients speak directly with Travis and his colleagues about their restoration project. We think in terms of the lifetime value of our clients, not meeting quarterly quotas.

For over a decade our clients have benefited from our professional competence and integrity. We believe that excellence is as much art as science. Issues pertaining to restoring the property to its pre-damaged condition are mostly black and white, but when grey areas arise we must rely on intuition, experience, and honesty.