Carpet Care

At Carpet Cleaning Rochester, we provide quality services to create clean, safe environments for our customers’ enjoyment.


Single Family Property Management
Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal, Stretching, Repairs, Pet Urine, Odor Treatment


We use powerful truck mounted equipment recommended by major carpet mills. The extra power allows us to thoroughly clean even the most abused carpets quickly and efficiently.

Stain Removal
Residents are tough on carpets. Fortunately, the cleaning professionals at Carpet Cleaning Rochester have the knowledge, training, tools, and products to remove most stains.

Pet Issues
Carpet Cleaning Rochester routinely performs pet treatments ranging from stain removal, topical treatments to full pet treatments including the application of odor barrier to porous surfaces, and sealing of urine contaminated materials.

Stretching and Repairs
Whether it is small ripple or an entire room re-stretch that requires a power stretcher, re-seaming, tack-strip, transition materials along with pet damage, burns, patches or other repairs, we will take care of you and your residents’ carpet care needs